2016.05.29 – ANNOUNCEMENTS

Happy Memorial Day
For those of you who have served our nation in the military, and to your families, we thank you for the sacrifice and dedication to protect and defend our great nation. Our heartfelt gratitude for your service.

No Evening Service Tonight
There will be No Evening Service, as is our custom on holidays, so that you might enjoy the extended afternoon and holiday tomorrow with family and friends

Journey’s Class – with Doug and Tracy Collins
Today, this class begins a summer series on “10 Things I Wish Jesus Hadn’t Said”. We will explore 5 easy and 5 difficult challenges of being a Christian. Class meets at 9:45am in the Activity Center Children’s Church room upstairs. See Doug or Tracy for details.

Water Baptism
Sunday, June 5, there will be a water baptism in the morning service. If you would like to be baptized, please see Pastor to let him know.

Missions and BGMC Sunday
Next Sunday is Missions and BGMC (Kid’s Missions). Remember to bring your pocket change

Kids In Morning Service
Today through summer, our children will join us for the praise and worship part of the service and will be dismissed during the offering for Kid’s Church. This is a great opportunity for our children to learn from us how to worship the Lord together as families.